At Cantop Cleaning Services, we are totally committed to providing comprehensive cleaning services that employ environmentally friendly cleaning methods, equipment and materials.  This ensures that the services you are receiving will provide the highest standards of hygiene while also protecting against ill effects of chemical residues and allergens.  In everything we do, we attempt to reduce the amount of chemicals we use without compromising hygiene.

We are experienced at handling 'high traffic', 'high volume' commercial accounts including restaurants, retail stores, commercial office buildings, financial institutions, pharmacies, and medical offices to name a few.  Commercial sites pose tough challenges including ground-in grease, dense traffic patterns worn into carpets and the potential for unnecessary wear and tear to carpets from too frequent cleaning.  At Cantop we accept the challenge of any job you throw at us!

Our Objectives:

First and foremost - to provide a service that protects your health, natural resources and the environment.

To deliver quality and reliable service on a regular basis while keeping the monthly cost at a competitive rate.

To provide professional services without any hidden charges.